• Interactive Floor
  • Rear Projection Film
  • Touch Frame
  • Multi touch foil

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A Multi-Media Advertising Solutions Provider.


We focus on both software interface design and product design. Transparent LCD displays and Hologram display box can be customized according to clients'request.


We have a factory based in our local city, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. Hologram display box and Transparent LCD Display are all from our own factory production.


Before ordering, we will provide you every details of our products. After ordering, we will keep tracking the products’ delivery and feedback of product using.


Except the listed product in our website, we also provide extra service for Multi-touch interface design, hologram 3D content design and other software design.

Our Clients

Our technologies and products are increasingly expanded. We are able to provide more advanced sci-tech thoughts and top exhibition and display products for our clients.

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Our Products

IN-VENTECH has a wide range of business, relating to large projection projects, multimedia interaction, holographic (phantom) display...

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  • Transparent LCD.

    IN-VENTECH Transparent Series display offers both ultimate all-in-one showcase ...

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  • Interactive Floor.

    IN-VENTECH Interactive Floor System is a solution combined by software...

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  • Touch Foil.

    Touch Foil technology is amazing in that all the technology is installed safely behind the glass and yet people...

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  • Mini PC.

    We’re on behalf of Maxtang in China. We accept small orders and also accept OEM inquiry with a big order amount...

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  • Holo screen.

    IN-VENTECH REAR PROJECTION FILM creates a high-definition image to allow viewing audience to experience ...

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Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.